Fondy High School Students Participating In National Walk Out

Some students at the Fond du Lac High School will participate in a national Walk Out Wednesday to remember the 17 lives that were lost in a Florida high school shooting.  It will be done during third period or “Cardinal Time.” District Superintendent Jim Sebert says it is a show of respect and a call for school safety. He says, “We’re calling it what it truly is for memorializing the lost lives in Florida and it is designed to have 17 minutes of silence in memory of each of the 17 people that lost their lives in Florida and advocating for safe schools, which is certainly important to all of us.” He says the young ladies participating in the Walk Out will go into the gym to design a memorial for each of the 17 kids and talk about them. Then at 10 a.m. they will go outside for 17 minutes of silence or walking in designated areas. Sebert says the middle schools in Fond du Lac will co-create similar activities for kids that want to participate in them.