Fondy Schools Superintendent Talks About School Threat

Three Fond du Lac High School students and an Arkansas teen are facing serious charges for a threat at the school last week. About three-quarters of the students at the school chose not to attend classes Monday, March 5th after a shooting threat was posted on Snapchat. The threat was cooked up by the teens while they were playing Xbox Live. Fond du Lac Schools Superintendent Jim Sebert says it is unfortunate because those kids are facing serious charges for the threat. He says, “I mean anytime your talking about a felony and you’re in high school and you’re talking about  expulsion as well those are very stiff consequences and so I’m just hoping that as we continue to move forward that we have less and less of that not only in Fond du Lac but throughout the country.” Sebert feels if a student wants a day off from school there are ways to accomplish that with less serious consequences. He says, “This was a choice these kids made because they didn’t want to go to school. I believe the police when they say I don’t think there was any intention on their part to do anything problematic for anybody else they just wanted a day off of school, but how do you get kids to think through that hopefully a little bit deeper.” Sebert believes they have to keep working with kids about decision making and partnering with parents to talk about those types of things and having environments where kids feel safe and supported.