Food For The Soul

Marian University and its food service are partnering to offer a fun and educational program flavored with diversity. The Food for the Soul program is offered every Tuesday at 11 a.m. with a presentation on the culture at noon. Jack Talbot is the unit marketing coordinator for Sodexo. He says it is an opportunity to highlight the food, music, and cultural history of students from different nations. He says, “And we just highlight the culture of students that are from their countries or their staff’s to really bring that awareness that there is diversity and culture on campus right away that people in the community know that and for them to talk about their culture, their favorite meals and to share their culture, their music.” It helps that Sodexo’s executive chef has traveled the world. Talbot says, “Our executive chef is Samir and he is internationally he is from Bosnia and he has had so many experiences being a chef throughout Europe and other large organizations before he came to Sodexo. So he has had a great deal of experience doing educational and cultural menus.” Food for the Soul came about after the Black Student Union requested ethnic food for the celebration of Black History Month. Tomorrow the food and culture of Colombia will be offered. The public is welcome to attend. It cost $7.46 for the buffet.