Former Burnett Woman Charged With Child Neglect

A $1,000 bond was set Monday for a former Burnett woman facing child neglect charges for living in and allowing her newborn and a toddler to live in conditions described as being “unfit for humans.” Secoy Koch-Miller made her initial appearance in Dodge County Court Monday.  She and her children were living with her mother in a home that is being condemned. According to the criminal complaint the home was filled with animal and human waste, mice, black mold and the home had no running water and dead maggots in the refrigerator. Investigators say the home was that of a typical “hoarder.” The two-year-old toddler had spiders living in his hair and both children were covered with bug bites. The children have been placed with a foster family. The baby’s father, who is jail, alerted authorities about the condition of the home. A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for May 1st.