Former Congressman Petri Shares Vintage Photo

Former Congressman Tom Petri recently shared this photo with News-Talk 1450 KFIZ. During one of our last interviews with him while he was in Congress Petri talked about doing a show back in the day on KFIZ. This photo is proof of that. There’s a whole other story he once shared with us about the “Tim” and “Tom” thing. Petri is now 74-years-old, which dates this photo back to about 1956 the same year Kefauver was chosen to be Presidential candidate Adlai Stephenson’s running mate.

Here’s how the photo was captioned when changes in time reference: Senator Estes Kefauver being interviewed by two 15-year-old boys, who played the tape recording on their weekly Saturday morning program over Fond du Lac radio station KFIZ. Left is David Nimmer and standing on the right is Tim Petri-who together conduct “Teen Time,” a program for teenagers.