Former Fondy Man Sentenced For Shooting Incidents

A 21-year-old Ripon man will spend 15 months in jail for firing off guns in Fond du Lac and North Fond du Lac neighborhoods in October of 2013. Fond du Lac County Judge Gary Sharpe this week sentenced Mason Paasch to the jail term and four years of probation. Last week a jury found Paasch guilty of seven misdemeanor charges stemming from the incidents, which prompted a heavy police response. No one was hurt during either incident in Fond du Lac where he fired off a handgun and in North Fond du Lac where he shot off an assault rifle. Both guns were fired into the air. Among the charges he was found guilty of was carrying a concealed weapon, resisting arrest, and possession of drug paraphernalia and two counts each of discharging a firearm with 100 yards of a building, and disorderly conduct with a dangerous weapon.