Former Fondy Resident Accused In Stabbing In Virginia

A hearing in Virginia today will determine bond for a 31-year-old former Fond du Lac man suspected in a stabbing. Andrew Schmuhl of Springfield, Virginia and his wife Alecia are suspected of attacking and stabbing another couple in the couple’s home. Both victims are hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. Authorities say Andrew Schmuhl posed as a police officer and forced his way into the couple’s home. He stabbed both of them repeatedly. Alecia Schmuhl allegedly waited outside the home. The 61-year-old male victim was the managing partner of a law firm where the Schmuhl’s worked as attorneys. Alecia Schmuhl was fired late last month and the firm suspected Andrew Schmuhl of committing fraud on a refinancing application. According to the Washington Post stories Alecia Schmuhl was denied bond in a Fairfax County Court last Friday. Andrew Schmuhl is expected to have a bond hearing today. He is a 2001 graduate of St. Mary’s Springs High School.