Former Oshkosh YMCA Employee Charged in Child Sexual Assault

Formal charges of child sexual assault have been filed
against a former Oshkosh YMCA employee who played Santa Claus and worked in the
Children’s Drop Off Center. 

75-year old BT Adams is charged with two counts of
First Degree Sexual Assault of a Child and Conspiracy to Commit First Degree
Sexual Assault of a Child in Winnebago

A criminal
complaint shows police were called to the 20th Avenue YMCA for the
report of an employee being inappropriate with a child. Supervisors at the
facility were tipped off to his actions and found surveillance footage of Adams kissing a 3-year old girl on the mouth. It also
reportedly shows him sexually assaulting the girl on November 8th
and again on November 13th. There are also a number of instances
where he leaves view of the camera and goes into the bathroom with the girl. 

The YMCA fired Adams and is cooperating with
the investigation. 

He’s scheduled to appear in court at 2:30pm Thursday