Former State Treasurer Urges A No Vote On Statewide Referendum

Tomorrow voters statewide will be asked to vote on a referendum that would eliminate the state treasurer’s office. Former State Treasurer Jack Voight is urging people to vote against it. Voight served as state treasurer from 1995 to 2007. He says the office was created by the framers of the state’s Constitution as a means of checks and balances and provides the state with a financial watchdog. He says, “Our framers really felt it is important that there be separation of powers, but also checks and balances. But in the last eight years we got a few people down there in earnest to satisfy the Governor’s request to have more control of the money.” State Representative Michael Schraa of Oshkosh was an early supporter of eliminating the state treasurer’s office, but Voight says Schraa now says he opposes the passing of the referendum. “If they vote it down I will bring back the duties of the treasurer’s office. That’s real ironic that he says if the voters decide against this referendum I’ll bring the duties back. Why take them away from us to begin with.” Voight tells us if the referendum passes the Lieutenant Governor will replace the state treasurer on the public lands commission which makes some important decisions for the state.