Former UWO Food Service Accountant Sentenced for Stealing Money

The former head accountant for the food service company
Sodexo at UW-Oshkosh is sentenced to 90 days in jail for stealing nearly

52-year old Karen Anderson is also sentenced to two years on
probation on one count of theft in a business setting of $10,000 or more. A
judge also ordered her to begin paying back the stolen money. 

Anderson cashed checks marked for the
university and Sodexo and pocketed the money for about five years, reportedly
saying she would transfer the money to the right places. UW-Oshkosh police
found she had cashed six checks intended for Sodexo from 2010-2012, and 153
checks between 2013 and 2015. 

was fired in 2016 after she repeatedly logged more hours in payroll than she
worked, totaling about $3,000 – which she later repaid. The next accountant
discovered the discrepancies, which led to the check-cashing investigation.