Four Big Fish During Day 12 Of Sturgeon Spearing Season

DNR Winnebago System Sturgeon Biologist Ryan Koenigs writes:

We are now ¾ of the way through the 2018 sturgeon spearing season on the Winnebago System and only 4 days remain!  There were 28 fish harvested today, including 4 fish that were 100 pounds or larger.  The registration stations along the east shore were the busiest today, with Calumet Harbor and Stockbridge Harbor each registering 10 fish.  There were 5 fish registered at Wendt’s and 3 fish registered at Payne’s Point.  The largest fish in today’s harvest was 120.5 pounds, 76.3” and registered at Calumet Harbor by Kenneth Schneider of Chilton (photo above).  In addition to Kenneth’s 100+ pound fish, there were three other 100+ pound fish registered:


Dennis Greenfield of Waupun: 116.5 pounds, 76.1” (photo below)

Bryce Brewer of Green Bay: 109.4 pounds, 72.3” (photo below)

Jason Baus of Mount Calvary: 108.1 pounds, 72.7”    

Dennis Greenfield of Waupun with his fish. 

Bryce Brewer of Green Bay with his fish.