Four FDL County Colleges Look At Collaboration

The colleges in Fond du Lac and Ripon are working together on possible partnerships. Ripon College President Zach Messitte says representatives from his school; the UW-Fond du Lac, Marian University, and Moraine Park Technical College get together for a conference each year. He says they talk over different issues and possible partnerships. He says their faculty and deans of faculty are talking now about how they can combine some of their courses and course work so you can take classes at all four schools and get the kind of degree you want. He says all four college presidents have a pretty good working relationship between them. He says there’s a sense that something unique could be done in the coming months where programs could be combined and they could work together collaboratively instead of working in silos. He says for instance maybe someone at Moraine Park could take a communications class at Ripon or someone at Ripon could take a nursing class at Marian. He says they could even have joint orchestra or sporting events together.