Four Feyen Bills Signed Into Law

Governor Walker recently signed four bills into law that State Senator Dan Feyen authored or co-authored. The state lawmaker from Fond du Lac says one would allow companies to make contributions to an employee’s child’s educational costs thereby giving the business an employee recruiting tool, but also making college more affordable. He says, “Just another perk that employers can give employees to be an attraction tool to keep employees with their company and also bring employees to their company much like parents and grandparents can do for their grand children and children start a 529. Companies can now do the same thing and get the tax benefit from it.” Another bill would allow people on probation for a misdemeanor conviction who are confined to a county jail for a probation violation to be released for work or medical care. Feyen says, “So it is a good bill that allows people to keep their jobs in this economy and keeps our businesses going as well cause if they were to miss work for three, four days the employer might have to move on to someone else. So this would allow that person to keep their job if the Sheriff deems them able to do so.” The other two bills had to do with making sure high school students got college credit for college-level classes they have taken and a fourth bill had to do with building and plumbing plan reviews.