Fox Lake Man Facing Charges For Two County Chase

A 31-year-old Fox Lake man is being held in the Fond du Lac County Jail after a high speed chase in Dodge and Fond du Lac counties late Sunday morning. The pursuit began south of Waupun and at one point reached speeds of 110 mile an hour. Twice the pursuit was cut off because of danger to the public. Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Captain Ryan Waldschmidt says Dodge County deputies found out who the likely driver was. He says, “The deputies interviewing the family and the registered owner of the car they were able to determine who the subject was and then also in speaking with friends or family what his likely destination was, which was St. Agnes Hospital that he was en route to pick a relative up that was being released.” Fond du Lac Police and Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s deputies set up at St. Agnes Hospital and waited for the man who they then took into custody. He’s facing charges in both counties. Waldschmidt talked about some of the charges he will face in Fond du Lac County. He says, “I know we are looking at charges of eluding, felony and misdemeanor bail jumping, recklessly endangering safety and then I’m sure Dodge County will have their own set of charges as well for the pursuit that occurred down in Dodge.” No one was hurt during the high speed pursuits.