Friends Remember Peg Lautenschlager As Kind And Giving

Friends of former State Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager are remembering her as a person who cared about ordinary people and making their lives better. Tom Kitchen of Fond du Lac met her when he was running for the State Assembly in 1976. They developed a strong close relationship. He worked on her campaigns for the State Assembly in 1988, Congress, and State Attorney General. Kitchen says she was about representing people who didn’t have a voice in government. He says, “She always had a deep commitment to social justice, to issues that affected the poor and people who she thought didn’t have a voice in government and that was her deep commitment throughout her life.” Paul Czisny was a friend and Lautenschlager’s neighbor in Fond du Lac. She was also a mentor in his three runs for the State Assembly. She served as treasurer for the Democratic Party of Fond du Lac County when he chaired it. He says as State Assembly Minority Leader Gordon Hintz put it, with Peg what you saw was what you got. Czisny says, “What Gordon Hintz said the other day the person in private is the person in public, the same person. Just this kind funny, incredibly energetic person who was very dedicated to really making people’s lives better.” Lautenschlager lost a 14 year battle with cancer Saturday. Kitchen says she would have contributed so much more.

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Democratic Party of Fond du Lac County photo.