Gableman Reports Offers Nothing New

A report on the 2020 Presidential election by former State Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman seems to be a rehash of multiple complaints about the election by conservatives.

Gableman reiterated a conspiracy theory that foreign interests engaged in bribery by offering get out the vote grants to Wisconsin cities, and tied that to Wisconsin Elections Commission head Meghan Wolfe.

“WEC has 10 million, Zuckerberg gave over 10 million to the state. George Soros gave millions of dollars to start ERIC, which we will get to and by the way, Meghan Wolfe is the president of ERIC now.”

ERIC is an agency that helps track voter registrations across the country and is used to help remove dead or moved voters from voter counts. Gableman also called for the legislature to consider decertifying the 2020 election, a request that’s already being discounted by Republicans and Democrats alike.