Garbage Truck Used To Draw Attention To Methamphetamine Problem

People attending Fond du Lac’s Labor Day Parade may have seen a City garbage truck with a message on it. A sign read, “The Stuff in Here is the Stuff in Meth.” Assistant Police Chief Steve Klein says that was a subtle reminder that methamphetamine is once again becoming a drug they are seeing pop up in the area. There have been some cases in Fond du Lac including a small meth operation in the last couple of months. Back in the day Klein was one of the department’s K9 officers. He says at that time dogs were not trained to detect meth, but their dogs are getting that kind of training now because of the growing use of methamphetamine. The City Police Department, Department of Public Works, Hopper’s Silk Screening and All Star Trophy, and Drug Free Communities of Fond du Lac County teamed up for the sign display on the City garbage truck.