Gas Price Report : Price at the Pump in Wisconsin Remains Well Below the National Average

The average price for a gallon of gas in Wisconsin remains
much lower than the national average as the final full week of 2019 gets
underway. Triple-A says Wisconsin drivers are seeing an average price at the
pump of $2.40 a gallon, which is 14 cents cheaper than the national average of

Drivers in Fond du Lac County are seeing an average price
of $2.37 a gallon, with the lowest prices in the state found in Walworth County
at $2.31. The highest prices in Wisconsin remain in Washburn County in northwest
Wisconsin where a gallon of regular unleaded sits at $2.60.

Across the nation, the highest price at the pump belongs to
Hawaii, where drivers there find a cost of $3.65 a gallon. California isn’t far
behind at $3.59. Missouri has the lowest average price at $2.20 a gallon.