Gas Price Report : Prices Jump Up to Start July

Gas prices are on their way up as we begin a new month, and
head into the Fourth of July holiday. As of Sunday night, Triple-A reported the
nationwide average price for a gallon of gas was at $2.71, up from $2.66 at
this time last week. Despite the jump in price, Wisconsin’s average price at
the pump was still two cents cheaper than the national average. Drivers in the
state are paying $2.69 per gallon, with Fond du Lac County and Brown County
drivers seeing the lowest price at the pump at $2.58. Ozaukee County in
southeast Wisconsin and Iron County in northern Wisconsin saw the highest price
at the pump at $2.82.

Across the country, California still has the highest average price at $3.75, with
Mississippi the lowest at $2.32.