Gas Prices Continue to Fall

Gas prices continued to drop through the Thanksgiving
weekend – and analysts believe international affairs may be playing a role.
GasBuddy reports the average price of a gallon of gas in Green Bay fell seven-cents over the past
week, hitting $2.40 on Sunday. Appleton
also dropped eight cents to $2.38. 

Here in the Fond du Lac area, prices dropped nearly a
dime to about $2.24 in most spots. 

Oil prices from some Texas
suppliers dropped nearly 14-percent – while some say the Trump Administration’s
reluctance to punish Saudi
for the death of a reporter is
leading the country to make large cuts in oil production. 

Most states will
continue to see drops in the coming weeks, saving the country about
$125-million a day as opposed to prices in October. The national average fell
nearly eight cents to $2.53 last week.