Gas Prices in WI Remain Below the National Average to End April

While the national average price for a gallon of gas continues to rise, Wisconsin stays below the national average for another week. According to Triple-A, the nationwide average price per gallon sits at $2.88, up from $2.84 last week. Wisconsin, meanwhile finds its average price at $2.83 a gallon – which is up only slightly from $2.82 last week. Drivers in Ashland County in northern Wisconsin are paying the most at $2.95 per gallon, with Barron County and Ozaukee County close behind at $2.94 a gallon. Fond du Lac County’s average price is third-lowest in the state at $2.73. Rock County has the lowest at $2.71, with Sheboygan County second-lowest at $2.72.

Around the nation, Triple-A says drivers in California are paying the most at the pump at $4.07 per gallon, Alabama has the lowest prices at $2.51.