Gas Prices Stay Steady as Thanksgiving Week Begins

There was little change in gas prices in both Wisconsin and
across the nation this week, as one of the busiest travel days is on the
horizon. People across the state and the country will be hitting the road
starting Wednesday to get to their Thanksgiving destinations. If you’re
traveling in Wisconsin, Triple-A says the average price for a gallon of gas is $2.39,
which is 20 cents cheaper than the national average of $2.59.

In Wisconsin, drivers in Fond du Lac County are seeing an average
price at the pump of $2.36. Outagamie County has the lowest average price at
$2.27, with Washburn County in the northwest part of the state having the highest
price at $2.68.

Across the nation, California drivers are seeing the highest
price at $3.87, with Louisiana and Mississippi the lowest at $2.22.

See the full gas price map here