Gathering For The Eclipse In Fondy

Jeff Reese of Fond du Lac echoed how a lot of people in the City felt about Monday’s eclipse of the sun saying that it was too bad we weren’t in the path of totality. It was also overcast at the optimum viewing time. But Judy Hollis and Jake Christopher who gathered with others at the Fond du Lac Public Library to watch NASA’s coverage felt otherwise. Judy says it was a phenomenal event. She says it is remarkable how the eclipse affects earth’s other creatures. She says she heard from others it affects shadowing and even animals. She wondered if it would affect her parakeets and how they would behave. Jake who is a younger kid was impressed. He says it is pretty cool and amazing that the moon can cover up the sun and cause darkness. Judy made two pin-hole viewers for the event. She says she had the special glasses but gave them to others who planned to be in New York and Missouri to view the eclipse.

Pictured featured on NASA social media site.