General School Aid Winners And Losers In The Area

The Fond du Lac School District will receive nearly $1.3 million ($1,294,609) in additional general aid from the state. According to figures from the state’s Department of Public Instruction the District is getting a 3 percent increase in aid this academic year. Also getting more aid are the Oakfield ($81,809), Ripon ($169,194) and Waupun ($568,892) school districts. On the other hand the Campbellsport School District will receive nearly $500,000 less in aid ($472,373). Other area districts seeing cuts in aid are North Fond du Lac ($44,456) and Rosendale-Brandon ($139,216). Of the 422 public school districts 188 will see increases in general aid, 230 less aid, and four will receive the same level of aid.

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