Giles Suit Rescheduled, Judge Walker Recuses Self

Citing the potential for appearance of impropriety, Fond du Lac County Circuit Court Judge Tricia Walker recused herself from the case involving current city councilmember Ben Giles. In the session Friday afternoon, Judge Walker let it be known that she had mentioned something about the case to Paul Czisny, who at the time was chairman of the Ethics Board when the original decision regarding Ethics Code violations by Giles was handed down. In filing the suit against the city on March 1, Giles said his right to due process was violated, as there was not enough advance notice of an additional ethics code violation that was not previously made known.

Czisny was appointed Circuit Court Judge back in March, replacing Judge Robert Wirtz, which was after the Ethics Board had handed down their decision. Walker said there had been discussion about the case to Czisny in passing, and wanted both sides to be aware of the mention, at which point Attorney Daniel Bach, representing Giles, asked that the judge recuse herself from the case.

The request also was made for the case to be heard outside of Fond du Lac County. No date was given for the reschedule.