Glenn Grothman On Dumping Of Campaign Mailers

U.S. Post Office officials say the dumping of hundreds of
Republican mailers in an apartment complex dumpster in Neenah wasn’t politically motivated, but that’s
not the way one of the GOP candidates sees it. A special agent with the U.S.
Postal Service Office of the Inspector General says their preliminary findings
show simple bad judgment by the mail carrier. The mailings touted the
candidacies of 6th Congressional District candidate Glenn Grothman, 55th State
Assembly District candidate Mike Rohrkaste and 19th State Senate District
candidate Roger Roth. Grothman says the post office generally does a good job. Grothman
says given the number of mailings he thinks it has nothing to do with a mail
carrier just being overwhelmed on the job. According to the post office
investigation a total of 879 pieces of political mail were dumped by the
carrier last Thursday. The Grothman campaign estimates 50 to 100 of the pieces
were there’s.