“Global Resolution” For Markesan Man In Multiple Court Cases?

What’s described as an effort to reach a “global resolution” may be in the works for a 32-year-old Markesan man in multiple court cases across several counties. Aaron Schreiber is suspected of making bomb threats and officiating youth sporting contests despite his status as a sex offender. He’s facing charges in Dodge, Fond du Lac, Green Lake and Walworth Counties. Thursday a plea and sentencing hearing was scheduled in Fond du Lac County Court when it was noted the parties were working towards a “global resolution.” Meanwhile court appearances continue to be scheduled for Schreiber with a status conference in Walworth County today, a motion hearing in Dodge County Court on September 29th, a status and preliminary hearings in Green Lake County on October 6th, and plea and sentencing hearings on charges in Fond du Lac County Court in November and December.