Gorske Celebrates 50th Anniversary…By Eating Another Big Mac

He celebrated his 50th anniversary Tuesday (5/17/2022) pretty much the same way he did back in May of 1972. By eating a Big Mac sandwich. At the same location where the streak started.

Don Gorske has now consumed almost 33,000 of the sandwiches since he began his daily fast food routine.

Gorske was recognized by Guiness Book of World Records in May of 2018 when he ate his 30,000 Big Mac.

He was also recognized back in December of 2021 when he ate sandwich number 32,672.

Gorske figures he’s missed out on eating a Big Mac on only 8 total days over the past 50 years.

He typically consumes his daily Big Mac at the McDonald’s on South Military Rd. in Fond du Lac, the same location where it all started back in 1972.