Gov. Evers Asks Legislature to Approve Bills Aimed at Curbing Youth Vaping

Governor Tony Evers wants the state legislature to pass a
package of bills that are aimed at curbing youth vaping and educating people
about the potential dangers of vaping and e-cigarette use.

The proposed bills would ban vaping and vape products on
K-12 school campuses and expand the definition of public health emergencies.
Another will would fund a public health campaign to address youth vaping in the
state, and a fourth proposal would expand the Department of Ag, Trade and
Consumer Protection’s enforcement powers to prevent vaping products from being
sold to children.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says more
than 2,100 serious lung injuries around the country were associated with vaping
last year. That number includes over 100 confirmed cases in Wisconsin. Nationwide,
there have been at least 42 related deaths. Officials say THC, the active
ingredient in marijuana, along with vitamin E acetate were the main culprits behind
the hospitalizations.

The Governor said in a press release that vaping products
pose serious health risks to young users, because the nicotine contained in
e-cigarettes can harm parts of the brain that control attention and learning.