Governor Addresses Propane Shortage

Governor Scott Walker yesterday after meeting with representatives of the propane industry made some moves to release nearly $16 million in funds to help with the propane shortage crisis. Last Friday he declared a state of emergency due to the shortage that is impacting about 250,000 state residents. State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt of Fond du Lac says the impact is being felt locally. On KFIZ’s Morning Show yesterday he talked about sacrifices one family is making. He says they had to turn temperatures way down in their house and use portable space heaters to keep pipes warm so they didn’t freeze. He also says a local church service was impacted. He says services were held in the church with temperatures in the 40s because they had run out of propane. To read the Governor’s press release with information on what’s being done to address the crisis and how to apply for assistance for your propane heating bill click here.