Governor Announces COVID-19 PPE Program

A new program introduced by Governor Tony Evers will help
make sure health care workers and first responders continue to have adequate protection
as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in Wisconsin.

The COVID-19 PPE Program allows for people in the state to either
donate or sell large quantities of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as
gowns, gloves and masks, to make sure those working on the front lines of the
pandemic stay protected. Residents can go to
to donate or sell, and then the State Emergency Operations Center will distribute
the equipment to communities that need it the most.

“As we face a global shortage of PPE, and are competing
with other states to acquire limited resources, I am calling on companies,
schools and other organizations that may have unused protective equipment
sitting in their facilities to make those materials available to those who need
it most,” Governor Evers said.

The state is currently looking for the following items:

–Surgical Gowns (Sizes S, L, XL & XXL)

–Face/Surgical Masks (Adult, pediatric)

–Gloves (Nitrile, Vinyl or Butyl)

–N-95 Particulate Respirators

–Isolation Gowns

–Face Shields

–Tyvek Coveralls


–Foot Coverings


Organizations or businesses who have fewer than 50 of any
of these items are encouraged to donate them to local health organizations
instead of selling them on the buyback website.