Governor Delivers State Of The State Address

Governor Scott Walker used
last night’s State of the State Address to outline what he called a “Blueprint
for Prosperity.” It would put more than $800 million back into the hands of
taxpayers including reducing $406 million in property taxes, cutting income
taxes by $100 million, and reducing withholding taxes by $322.6 million. State
Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt says the state has seen quite a change from
the $3.6 billion deficit the Walker
administration inherited from Governor Doyle. Senate Republican Leader Scott
Fitzgerald of Juneau
says it remains unclear if members of his caucus will back the governor’s
proposed income and property tax cuts.The state is projected to enter the next
budget biennium with a $715 million shortfall. Governor Walker’s plan outlined
in his State of the State could increase that above $800 million. Assembly
minority Leader Peter Barca of Kenosha
says the governor should be looking to put money back into education that was
taken out in recent budgets. News-Talk 1450 KFIZ will be rebroadcasting the
State of the State address at 11 a.m. this morning. Meanwhile if you’d like to
see text versions of the State of the State Address and the Democratic response
look for them in our news story at Wisconsin Radio Network photo.

Governor Scott Walker State of the State Address text version. Click here.   

Democratic State of the
State Response Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca. Click here