Governor Orders Scaling Down of Child Care Settings in the State

Governor Tony Evers has a ordered a scaling down of the
number of staff and children allowed in a child care setting in the state
beginning this week. Starting Thursday at 8 am, child care centers will not be
allowed to operate with more than 10 staff present at a time, and may not have
more than 50 children present at a time. The new rules will remain in place for
the duration of the public health emergency issued in the wake of the spread of
COVID-19 in the state.

A news release says that child care providers are being
asked to prioritize families of healthcare and essential service providers. Those
parents who are using child care services that can keep their kids at home are
asked to do so.

“Child care is an essential service for many of the folks working
on the front lines to provide healthcare and vital services to our communities
during the COVID-19 outbreak,” the Governor said in a statement. “This is
another step forward to ensure that service continues, while protecting our
child care providers who are going above and beyond their regular duties to
support our families, communities and state.”