Governor Pushes “Blueprint for Prosperity” At FCEDC Annual Meeting

Governor Scott Walker continued to push his “Blueprint for Prosperity” initiative during an appearance in Fond du Lac last night. He talked about the state’s unemployment rate falling to 6.2 percent and gains in manufacturing and private sector jobs. He says the state isn’t done yet and said that’s why there’s a need for state legislators to approve his “Blueprint for Prosperity,” which includes giving back about $800 million to taxpayers. Walker says he appreciates President Obama’s comments in Waukesha yesterday that, “We should look at the good things you are doing her in “Wisconsin.” He says during a meeting with the president and other Governor’s in the Oval Office two weeks ago there was a consensus that there’s a need to fill skilled trade positions. The Governor addressed about 250 people during the Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corporation’s 25th Annual Meeting.