Governor Stops in FDL, Will Speak in Ripon

Governor Scott Walker made a stop in Fond du Lac last night for the official grand opening of the Republican Party field office along Macy Street. He spoke to a packed house about the importance of the location, along with his optimism for the upcoming election cycle. 

Walker admits it’s going to be a tough series of races coming up here in Wisconsin, but hopes the crowd at the office is a sign of things to come.  He told KFIZ News that “i think it’s a sign that people are pumped up here, pumped up across the Fox Valley and pumped up across the state. People understand we need to be out with optimism talking about our positive message and vision we have for the future. The best way to do it is like people we saw here tonight, organizing person to person, door to door in Fond du Lac County.”

Walker will also be speaking to the Badger Boys State delegates at Ripon College later today – and encouraging them to continue getting involved in their schools and communities.