Governor to Issue “Safer at Home” Order Tuesday; Non-Essential Businesses to Close

Governor Tony Evers is asking Wisconsin residents to stay
at home to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

The Governor is set to issue what he is calling a “Safer at
Home” order on Tuesday. He made the announcement on social media Monday morning
– saying full details of the order and what it means for the general public will
be released tomorrow (Tuesday).

Evers said in the post that he has heard from business
leaders in the state that it is “imperative to slow the growth of the disease”,
and that the “state cease all non-essential business statewide. He went on to
say that the bottom line is that “folks need to start taking this seriously.”

According to Evers, workers that provide “essential care or
services” can still go to and from work, and he said that people can still go
outdoors to go for walks and get exercise – but asked that people avoid taking other
unnecessary trips, and limit their travel to essential needs, such as trips to
the grocery store or visiting a doctor.


Meanwhile, Republican leaders in the state wanted some clarification
from the Governor on the “Safer at Home” order. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald
and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos questioned the Governor’s move – saying that
after taking a measured approach “for days” – the sudden “change of course and
lack of specific guidance have increased the level of uncertainty and anxiety in
our state.”

“We all want what’s best for Wisconsin. We want people to
stay safe and follow CDC guidelines. We would ask the governor to do a better
job communicating to the people of Wisconsin,” Fitzgerald and Vos said in a
joint statement.

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