Governor Walker Stops At Brenner Tank In FDL

Governor Scott Walker stopped in Fond du Lac Tuesday as he toured the area to announce his reelection effort for a third term. Walker addressed local supporters and employees at Brenner Tank. Flanked by wife Tonette, his sons, and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch Walker says it will be a difficult election. He noted it shouldn’t be difficult with the accomplishments over his first two terms including more people employed than ever before, $8 billion worth of tax relief, freezing college tuition multiple years to make it more affordable, doing more to get people in the workforce quality heath care, and welfare reform. He says under normal circumstances that should make him a shoe in. But Walker recognizes that there will be big money spent in an effort to get a Democrat back into the Governor’s mansion. He says the big money specials interests have put a target on him for 2018 because they don’t like the fact that Republicans took the power out of their hands and put it firmly into the hands of hard working taxpayers. Walker also made campaign stops Tuesday in Appleton, Oshkosh, Sheboygan and Janesville.

Tonette Walker.

Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch.

At the center of photo Governor Walker speaks with former State Representative John Townsend.