Governor Walker Visits Oakfield Middle School And High School

Governor Scott Walker visited Oakfield Middle School and High School Thursday to talk about the state’s historic K-12 education investments. Walker talked with KFIZ News about that visit. He says it was part of a tour around the state since the state budget proposal making the case for why more money is being invested in K-12 education than the state ever has in its history. The Governor is proposing a total K-12 investment of $11.5 billion over two years, an all-time high. He says at listening sessions he held around the state communities talked about unique needs in rural areas like Oakfield. He says that’s why more is being proposed for Sparsity Aid and Transportation Aid for rural school districts. He says it’s all about getting students ready for a career. Under the Governor’s budget proposal the Oakfield School District will receive an estimated $7.3 million in funding over the two years of the budget. (Photo from Governor Walker’s Facebook page)

Governor Walker and State Senator Dan Feyen address an Oakfield High School class.