Grant Would Have Fund Extension Of Bike And Pedestrian Trail In Camelot Drive Area

The Fond du Lac City Council Wednesday night unanimously approved allowing the City’s Public Works Department to apply for state grants to extend multi-use bike and pedestrian trails in the Camelot Drive area. Public Works Director Jordan Skiff told the Council part of that trail extension will be over a new street that will be created linking up Camelot Drive to Martin. He says it will benefit the community by also providing access along Highway 151 when Camelot’s access to the highway is closed with the installation of a new interchange. He says the grant will cover half the cost of improvements to the trail on South Main and Camelot Drive. He says the City will be required to match the grant, but will have several ways to do that including donations, through TIF funding or possibly capital improvement projects funds transferred from Lakeside Park. The grant application has to be submitted by May 1st.