Grass Fire On Hwy 41

Fond du Lac firefighters battled a grass fire on I-41 southbound at Hwy 151 Tuesday afternoon. Fire Chief Peter O’Leary says it was primarily between I-41 southbound and the on ramp to I-41 southbound from Highway 151. He says the winds were pretty gusty and there were a lot of thick and tall cattails that could have burned. He says they were concerned it might jump over the on ramp. He says they got the call about 2:50 p.m. and the fire was burning pretty good when they arrived. He says they called the Town of Fond du Lac Fire Department to provide some water in case they needed more. He says there was a lot of smoke on the on ramp so it was shut down. The fire department then used the ramp for a staging area. O’Leary says it’s difficult to say what may have started the blaze. He says it could have been a discarded cigarette or sparking brakes from a truck.  The fire was brought under control within a half hour. Fond du Lac Fire and Rescue photo.