Greasy Mess After Truck Over Turns On Hwy 26

Cleaning up State Highway 26 in Fond du Lac County after a semi truck over turned near Rosendale Wednesday morning turned out to be a difficult task. The truck was carrying 50,000 pounds of meat renderings or cow and poultry parts. Sheriff’s Captain Rick Olig says it involved a lot of sanding, scraping and scooping. Lime was also put down to handle the greasy residue on the highway to avoid further accidents. Olig says the meat renderings aren’t considered a hazardous material but not environmentally friendly either, which means they couldn’t just hose it into a ditch. He says it’s almost like they needed a truckload of Dawn dish washing detergent to clean up the greasy fat on the highway.  He says it’s fortunate the accident occurred early in the morning when there isn’t as much traffic on the roadway. The 33-year-old Green Bay man driving the truck, Joshua Martinez, was treated at the Ripon Medical Center and released.