Green Lake County Hunter Dies of Apparent Heart Attack

On 11/21/15 the Green Lake County Sheriff’s Office
received a 911 call of a hunter down with a possible heart attack.  Emergency Medical Responders were paged, as
well as Sheriff’s Office staff.  Initial
responding Deputy arrived to find Kingston First Responders and others
performing CPR.  A Sheriff’s Office Defib
unit was utilized with shocks delivered and continuation of CPR until the
arrival of the Ambulance.  An on scene,
off duty Paramedic was assisting with lifesaving attempts.  It was later learned that the subject had
died at the hospital.  The deceased had a
history of heart conditions, and went down after taking part in dragging a
harvested deer to the vehicle.  No
suspicious activity or firearms were part of this incident.

     The Green
Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Kingston First Responders,

Ambulance Service, and a DNR Warden all assisted in the incident, as well as
several other hunters in the area that placed the 911 call, and assisted
responding units to the scene.  The name
of the deceased is being witheld pending all family notifications.