Green Lake County Police And Firefighters Receive Care Package

Green Lake County Terrace Shores Vacation Bible School pre-Kindergarten to Sixth Grade students recently honored Police Officers and Firefighters in the community by making and delivering care packages.  The packages contain candy with the outside of the bag reading:

Life Saver – To remind you of the many times you’ve been one.

Starburst – For that burst of energy you’ll need.

Payday – Because you’re not doing it for the money.

Hershey Kisses – Because you deserve them from all.

Gum – To help your unit to stick together.

Tootsie Rolls – To help you roll with the punches.

Peppermint Patty -To help you keep your cool.

Snickers – To remind you to keep your sense of humor.

Mounds – For the “mounds” of courage you need.

Making the delivery are student Dean Shaffer (front), Randy Shaffer (left) and receiving the packages is Green Lake County Sheriff Mark Podoll (right).