Green Lake Police Squad Car and County Vehicle Sustain Major Damage

The Green Lake County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center received a call earlier this afternoon (Tuesday, October 1st, 2019) of a cognitively impaired 17-yr old male who left his home on foot. Local Law enforcement knew the individual, according to the news release, so the City of Green Lake Police traveled to a location frequented by the suspect. 

Green Lake Police spotted the individual driving a red three-quarter ton pick-up belonging to the Green Lake County Highway Department, and attempted to stop the male party when he struck a dump truck and then rammed the City of Green Lake Police squad. The truck left the Green Lake County Highway shop traveling west on Hill St. when the City of Green Lake squad re-positioned to the front of the Highway truck. The suspect then rammed the squad from the rear, pushing the squad westbound. The suspect continued west and became stuck at the end of Hill St., where Police then disabled the County Highway truck and took the suspect into custody.

Major damage was caused to both the Patrol vehicle and the County Highway vehicle. The Green Lake County Sheriff’s Office will be referring charges to include operating without owners consent among others. The investigation is still in progress. No injuries were reported as a result of this incident and the male subject involved is being evaluated currently.