Grendel Put To Rest

He survived being shot twice during a standoff incident four years ago, but one of the toughest things a Fond du Lac Police Officer has done is put down the police dog that was also shot during that incident. Wednesday Officer Ryan Williams had to have Grendel who had been with his family for 9 years put down. Williams says the 12-year-old German Sheppard had nerve damage in his back and could no longer control his bowels. Williams and Grendel were both shot in March of 2011 during a standoff that claimed the life of Fond du Lac Police Officer Craig Birkholz. He says the recovery they made from critical wounds gave the community hope. Grendel and Williams did a number of community appearances while they got healthy enough to go back on duty. In April of last year Grendel was retired. Williams says as part of his training Grendel was rewarded with a tennis ball something he loved playing with. Williams says Grendel will be buried with the tennis ball. Grendel will be buried in Rienzi Cemetery’s Pet Cemetery where other police dogs have been buried.

Bob Nelson talks with Officer Ryan Williams about Grendel.

Officer Williams and Grendel with some Riverside Elementary students. 

Grendel And Williams Gave The Community Hope

When Fond du Lac Police Officer Craig Birkholz was shot and killed in March of 2011 the community needed hope. They got that in the form of Officer Ryan Williams and his K9 partner Grendel who both recovered from critical wounds suffered during the same standoff incident. Wednesday Officer Williams had to have Grendel put down. Grendel was 12-years-old and he spent the last nine years with Williams and his family. Williams says while he was in the hospital he began to learn how important he and his partner were to the community. While they got healthy enough to go back on duty they did a number of community presentations together. In April of last year Grendel retired from the Police Department. Williams says Grendel is entitled to a funeral with full honors, but the family has opted to keep it private. Williams says Grendel was a good dog and he took him out to the police training facility one more time Wednesday as a reward.

Grendel with Assistant Police Chief Steve Klein while he was recovering from a bullet wound.