Grendel Retires

The leash was passed as Fond du Lac Police Dog Grendel
retired during a ceremony at the police station this afternoon. After eight
years of outstanding service to the community ownership of Grendel was turned
over to his handler Officer Ryan Williams. Williams thanked those in attendance
and told them that although his K-9 partner has the will to work his body is
telling him it’s time to slow down. Police Chief Bill Lamb talked about the
dog’s outstanding record with the department. He also talked about the standoff
incident in March of 2011 when Officer Craig Birklholz was shot and killed and
Officer Williams and Grendel were critically wounded. Lamb said the quick
recovery of Williams and Grendel meant so much to the department and the
community. While Williams and Grendel were recovering and waiting to return to
duty they made many school visits. They developed a special relationship with
Riverside Elementary School and 24 students from the school attended Grendel’s
retirement ceremony. They presented him with some special artwork that included
a portrait of Grendel and a bag full of dog treats. Williams gave Chief Lamb a
dollar and both of them signed paperwork officially turning ownership of Grendel
over to Williams and his family. Williams also introduced the department’s new
K-9 handler who will soon have his own K-9 partner. Williams presented him with
a leash and gave him a piece of advice, “Trust your dog.”