Grendel Retiring

The Fond du Lac police dog who was shot along with his partner during a standoff incident in Fond du Lac two years ago will be retiring next spring. Both Officer Ryan Williams and Grendel recovered from the wound they suffered during an incident in March of 2011 in which police officer Craig Birkholz was shot and killed. Williams is working a day shift now and he says it’s not easy for Grendel to see him put on his uniform and go to work without him. He says Grendel starts to go crazy because he thinks he’s on his way to work. Williams says the dog has pooped in his house before to get revenge. He says it comes to about a $1. He says he will actually be purchasing Grendel from the City for a token fee during a retirement ceremony. Williams says Grendel isn’t the only one who is having a tough time with the transition. Williams says he’s been a K-9 officer for almost 8 years of his 11 years with the department. He says they hope to have a new K-9 officer and handler on board when Grendel’s retirement becomes effective next spring.