Gronik Runs For Governor

Milwaukee entrepreneur Andy Gronik is one of 14 Democrats that have announced a run for Governor. Gronik says under Scott Walker Wisconsin’s health care system has been destabilized, our roads have deteriorated, we’ve lost good teachers, and the state has an appalling record for attracting new business. He says, “We are last, last, that’s 50 out of 50 states in creating new businesses. That’s no economic track record. This is a Governor that pitches himself as the open for business governor. Open for what business?” Gronik doesn’t like the deal Walker made for Foxconn and is especially concerned about the water that plant will draw from Lake Michigan and put back into it. He says, “We as a state, Governor Walker as a leader did not even have the common sense to go to another Foxconn plant to stand outside that effluent treat plant and actually test the water that was coming out after it was treated to determine the nature of the heavy metals we are going to put back into our Great Lake Michigan.” Gronik also feels Governor Walker values big corporations over small businesses and does not do enough to help out our small businesses.

Andy Gronik interview with KFIZ