Grothman Concerned About Opponents Wealth

Congressman Glenn Grothman recognizes he is going to face a tough challenge for the 6th Congressional District seat this fall. That is in part due to his challenger Democrat Dan Kohl, who is the nephew of former U.S. Senator Herb Kohl.  Grothman says Kohl has a lot of money and has three full-time people to work on his campaign. Grothman still feels he has the right message for the district. Grothman believes he has a good record on many of the issues constituents care about. That includes his support for Trump’s opposition to open borders and illegal immigration, and on welfare reform. Grothman also believes he is fiscally responsible. Dan Kohl’s campaign Monday released a statement saying they had raised $329,000 for the campaign in the fourth quarter of 2017 and finished the year having raised $865,000 the majority from individuals. None of the fundraising totals included any contributions or loans from the candidate.