Grothman Defends Voting Record, Voices Support for Manufacturers

There are just over two weeks before voters head to the
polls for the general election. In the competition for Wisconsin’s
6th Congressional District – which covers Fond
du Lac
, Sheboygan,
and parts of Dodge and Winnebago counties – incumbent Glenn Grothman is seeking
another term. 

Advertisements run by his opponent, Democrat Dan Kohl, are
claiming Grothman is against having pre-existing conditions covered by
insurance plans. But Grothman tells us that ad is simply not true. 

He says “I have, in
efforts to repeal Obamacare, twice voted to preserve the requirement that
pre-existing conditions be maintained in all insurance plans. That’s my record.
And it’s frustrating seeing somebody up on TV just lying about my record.”

Grothman also talked about his continued support for technical colleges and the educations they provide – saying Wisconsin’s massive manufacturing base always has a need for people with
those kinds of skills. 

He points out that “people think of
Wisconsin and they think of cheese, they think of dairy – and Wisconsin is,
percentage of population, the second biggest manufacturing state in the
country. And this part of the state is the strongest manufacturing part of the
state of Wisconsin.
Fond du Lac, Sheboygan,
Oshkosh, Ripon
– big manufacturing areas all, and if we’re going to keep producing around
here, we’re going to need people capable of doing the jobs in those factories.”

He also mentioned that people going into fields like manufacturing and nursing will be pleasantly surprised by their salaries, which can often be higher than their counterparts with four-year degrees. 

On a national level, Grothman is keeping up the battle for border security. 

He argues that the country needs to tighten up the borders and
restrict who is coming in. 

He tells us “we cannot be
the welfare magnet for the Western Hemisphere.
And there’s no question that right now, people are coming across the border to go
on our welfare – and of course then they can take advantage of our healthcare
system and our education system – and that’s one of the reasons we’re broke.
There are too many people who get confused and somehow think we’re being nice
by letting everybody come here. We need immigrants, there’s no question we need
immigrants. But we’ve got to pick our immigrants.”

Election Day is on November 6th. Those unable to make it to the polls that day still have time to request and submit an early absentee ballot to their local municipal clerks office.